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  • Having to quit your day job or give up your weekends to build your online business...
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  • Spending on expensive tools, shiny objects and so on...

Hundreds of our students have tried out the method which we are about to share with you today, and over 92% of them have received cash returns on their investment within 30 days.


Michel Sirois & Walt Moreno

Hey there, Michel here with Walt…

Are you looking for an online business opportunity that actually makes you money?

So many so-called “gurus” out there have “systems” and “methods” that claim they will make you money, but most of them just don’t give you the results that you’re looking for…

When I started online back in 1995, I was looking for something that could help me escape the rat race, once and for all.

In the beginning, it was an uphill battle.

I tried just about everything from creating my own products to affiliate marketing to make money.

I bought course after course, and found myself constantly spinning my wheels.

When I did finally make some money, it took a lot more work than “they” said it would in the flashy sales letter that promised me overnight riches…

Do you know why almost everyone struggles to make money online?

It’s Because Most Online Training Is Complicated
And Leaves Something Out…

Maybe you can relate?

It always looks easy, and then you actually get into the method, and it’s FAR from easy.

I could never duplicate the results they showed, no matter how hard I tried.

Something was ALWAYS missing.

It seemed like there’s never a complete method for making money… unless I wanted to invest in even more training...

I remember wishing someone would create a course that would break things down into simple steps for success.

You know, something that says, “do this… then do that…”

I was never able to find a system like that...

After a few years of struggling and figuring it all out on my own, I finally cracked the code to making money online…

It took a lot of time and money to get there.

But, it paid off.

I now make SIX FIGURES every single year,
and I truly have a life of freedom...

  • I travel when I want to…
  • My bills are always paid…
  • If I want to buy something or take a day off, I have the means to do it…
  • If I want to take some time off, I don't need to ask anyone permission...
  • Basically, having my online business allows me to be totally free...

In fact, a lot of the money I make online comes in on autopilot due to this very system I’ve setup in my online business.

Because I’ve been able to get big results online, I decided to put together the type of "Over The Shoulder" course that I wished I would have had when I was starting out…


A Complete, Step-By-Step System For Making $179.63 Per Day Online, Even If You’re A Complete Newbie...

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Here’s What You Get With
Easy Profits Makers...

  • Interactive, Over-The-Shoulder Video Training
  • 14 modules of step-by-step video training takes you from where you are today to making money online. No stones are left unturned.
  • I use the methods covered in the videos each day to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online, and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do the same.
  • It’s just like having me sitting down next to you and helping you make money online.
  • 80% Copy/Paste System...
  • We know that your time is valuable and setting-up can sometimes be a pain. But with our system, everything is done by copy/pasting, to the exeption when you buy traffic. Then you have to speak with a human for that. - Simple enough, right?
  • Complete Automation...
  • You’ll discover exactly how to automate this system so you get paid while you sleep. Imagine waking up each day to money in your PayPal account. Inside, you’ll discover how to create an autopilot income.
  • You’ll also get access to the same automation tools I personally use to streamline my business and generate six figures each year.
  • We Handle The Parts You Hate Most...
  • We handle all customer inquiries for you
  • We handle all the coaching for you
  • We handle all the support for you
  • We close deals for you
  • Done For You Traffic...
  • When you join Easy Profits Makers, you’ll get access to our members-only traffic co-op and massive traffic discounts...
  • The traffic you get access to when you join Easy Profits Makers is affordable and converts extremely well. You won’t find better traffic anywhere else online.

You'll Come To Realize Real Soon That This
Is NOT Your Typical Coaching Program...

Inside, We'll Also Teach You, With "Over The Shoulder" Videos How To...

  • How to get started and get everything setup today, even if you don’t have any prior online experience or technical skills… everything is covered in step-by-step detail
  • The exact software and automation tools that I personally use in my business to speed things up and make even more money are revealed inside (you can try most of them for free so you can start making money with a minimal investment)
  • How to select the best offers for making money quickly… You only get paid when something converts, so I’ll show you where the best converting, highest paying offers are and how to start promoting them as soon as today
  • The simple trick you can use to get paid instant commissions right into your PayPal account, even if you’re a complete newbie
  • How to setup a simple lead capture page in just 5 minutes that allows you to collect leads and grow your income over time… imagine being able to click “send” and get paid
  • The exact steps to setup your autoresponder and integrate it with your lead capture page in just a few minutes
  • How to add email follow-ups to your autoresponder at the push of a button so you can get paid while you sleep
  • How to boost your income with "Done For You" high-ticket offers and the simple method for getting paid residual income while you sleep
  • Why not all traffic is created equally PLUS the things you must look for before you invest in traffic… (We’ll even give you exclusive access to our DISCOUNTED PROVEN traffic co-op inside, so you always have plenty of traffic, at the lowest cost possible)
  • Plus, a lot more!

And If You Want ADVANCED TRAINING, We Got You Covered, AT NO EXTRA COST...

  • We Even Made Videos That Will Show You How To Segment Your Email Lists, In Just A Few Tiny Steps. - And Any Beginner Can Do This...

Let's face it, EVERY subscriber on your email list have different needs.

Each of them are at different level of knowledge...

I'm sure you'll agree that it is logical to say: By emailing your subscribers MORE OF WHAT THEY WANT, and less of what they don't want, the MORE MONEY you will make, if you automate your email list to TRIGGER actions that sends these subscribers to the appropriate email list, based on their INTEREST...

This Business Is Much More Easier Than You Think, When You Know What Business Model Works:

Simply Give MORE Of What Your Subscribers WANT And Less Or What They Don't Want = MORE MONEY!!!

=> Did I just hit you with mind-blowing knowledge you already knew but never implemented or don't know how to implement? 🙂

You Now Can Learn All This, Through The "Easy Profits Makers" In The Next Few Minutes...

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Plus, You Get Access To World Class Support

Let's face it, having someone that's ready to help you each time you need assistance will make a HUGE difference in your success.

We want to make sure that you succeed, which is why we’re giving you access to "Live Chat" support at no additional cost..

We are waiting impatiently to say hello to you 🙂

This bonus alone is valued at $497/Month, but when you join Easy Profits Makers you won’t pay a dime.

This makes it really easy to get started right now and know we have your back…


I'll Let Our Students Tell You All About It...

Please note that our testimonials are 100% real and reflect real results, from real students, through our Easy Profits Makers System...

Sue Bookout

Steve Bailey

Philip Gibbs

Evan Bang

Jairson Fonseca

L.J. Aviles

I've been using "Done For You" funnels for a long time and I can honestly say that Easy Profits Makers have really deep ones. From their sales pages to their check-out pages, everything looks great and converts. Thanks for this opportunity guys.

David Clark
David Clark

Before joining Easy Profits Makers, I didn't know what residual income was. By this I mean, I was clueless that most programs were benefiting their top earners. They treat their members equally, and we all make money because of it!

Mauricio Pace
Mauricio Pace

You Get Everything You Need To Build A
Six Figure Online Income By Copy/Pasting...

What would it be worth to you to have a complete, step-by-step system for making money online?

And I’m not talking about just a little bit of money here and there…

With Easy Profits Makers, you can have spendable cash in your PayPal account daily and scale that up to a job-crushing, six figure online income.

This is the step-by-step, “click here then click there” course that I always wished I had when I was getting started...

Although it would be easy to charge $5,000+ for this, since you’d make your investment back and then some extremely quickly, I don’t want anything to hold you back from getting your hands on this today...

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WARNING! The price is going up as soon as we reach 100 sales - Act quickly or forever miss-out on this HUGE DISCOUNT!

P.S. - Below are the most frequently asked questions about Easy Profits Makers…

  • What is Easy Profits Makers all about?

Easy! "Easy Profits Makers" is a complete "step By Step" and "Over The Shoulder" training on how to set-up an online business, by using email marketing to automate the whole sales process, while you do other things with your time, like spending time with your loved ones...

  • Who needs this?

Anyone who wants to start a business online by using an automated method to generate revenues on a constant basis.

  • Do I need online experience to succeed with "Easy Profits Makers"?

Absolutely not!

This is the beauty of our program. If you are a complete beginner, you just need to start from the beginning of the training.

And for more advance people, we also got you covered. Just pick-up where you were missing-out on. In your case, proper list segmentation is probably your biggest struggle. But fear no more. By joining our coaching program today, this problem of your will finally be SOLVED!

  • Will this help me generate passive income?

That mostly depends on you.

It will depend on your traffic budget.

As you probably know by now, TRAFFIC is your PUBLICITY...

If you don't have a reliable traffic source yet, don't worry, we will provide you with the best "done for you" traffic source we use each and every day.

So the more clients you get in the door, the more they will buy from you.

Makes sense?

  • What else will this do for me?

It will allow you to finally build your business to the point where you can finally leave your day job to live the internet lifestyle that my students and I are living.

  • Do I need to promote the "Easy Profits Makers" affiliate program to make money with what I learn inside?

Absolutely not! Although our coaching program videos are using the example to promote us, all the training program can be applied for any other offer you may want to promote. But by using our affiliate program, you'll have a "done for you" sales funnel funnel and "done for you" email messages that you can load at the push of a buton, making it much easier to set-up.

  • Is there a refund guarantee?

We do have a 30-day refund guarantee but there are conditions.

  • First, to get refunded, we will need to see that you actually implemented the training completely and asked for support through our "Live Chat" for some "1 On 1" coaching. Our method works, as long as you do it...
  • Then you will need to send traffic to your online business as shown in our training. I mean, if you don't send traffic, don't expect sales, right?
  • Is this up-to-date for 2017-2018?

LOL. The method is good until the end of days...

Our training is 100% "EVERGREEN".

This means it will never get out of trend, unless humans change their shopping behaviors.

  • How is the training delivered?

Although we charge a "1 Time Payment" to get in our coaching program, we locked the content with a member area.

By this I mean, you will never pay monthly fees, but we will issue you a login and password to access the training.

And the training itself, is presented under the form of videos and downloadble content to make it easy to implement.

“Sounds great!
How do I get instant access to this…?”

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